Nachtrag zu “Weblog Verbot Athen”: Auch das Guardian Blog fragt: “Is there an olympic blog ban?” Die britische Zeitung zitiert den bloggenden Journalisten David Atkins, der (via Boing Boing) von einem kanadischen Sportler von dem Weblog Verbot gehört habe. Laut Guardian und Blogosfear bloggt der US-Schwimmer Scott Goldblatt munter weiter – stimmt. Zum Verbot hat er eine klare Meinung: “The IOC technically owns the rights to the Olympics. This in turn means that they can sell advertising to the sponsors of their choosing. We as athletes see nothing from these revenues, and the IOC continually cashes in on our performances. We as athletes are unable to promote individual sponsors that we may have, which is why I promote them heavily on my website, and by word of mouth. Personally I do not particularly care for the restrictions we have. It impedes our ability as athletes to make a living, while enabling the IOC to throw around money in scandals left and right.”